Deployment Goals

Lindsey over at Just Another MilSpouse gave me the awesome idea of doing this during deployment.

Quit smoking. I plan to start right after finals. I will have all summer to quit and I won't have the "I have a test and school is stressing me out" excuse to smoke. I need to be healthy. We plan on having kids one day, and I do not need to be a smoker, I don't need the added stress of having to quit while I am pregnant. 
I want to be here for my husband. 
I want to be healthy.
I want to be able to control my hypertension.
I want to save lots of $$$.
I am pretty sure I would save over 2,000 a year. 
That's not counting what hubby would save. 
He is a heavier smoker than me. 
I will work on him soon! 

Work out @ least 3X week. Getting back to my pre-college weight. 
This ends up being a good 32 pounds. 
I will be happy if I just lose 20, but I want to get toner and have more muscle.
{Muscle is heavier than fat}

Learn to cook at least 10 healthy and fabulous meals. 
Our kitchen is so tiny that I can't stand cooking anything.
I have been married over a year and a half so it is time to buck up and cook!

The whole reason my hubby volunteered for this deployment was for saving for a down payment on a house.
At least a partial down payment.
The goal is to save at least 15,000.
When he gets back we are going to put money into CD's through USAA so I can work for a year as an RN and save more money up for a house. 
If we get a loan with the VA we might not have to have as much down and we can buy all new furniture, and front loader washer and dryer!

Build a stronger relationship with God. 
I was raised in church, not because I was forced to but I decided to go. 
My mother suffered from depression and wouldn't attend.
Getting her to go in Wal-Mart alone is a chore.
I went on my own, after starting college I put church and God on the back burner.
I feel I have gotten closer to him in the last few months,
but I could always be a lot closer.

Study at least 15-20 hours a week outside of school.
This means lots of reading out of my books.
I want to be an RN that actually understand lab values, and how stuff works.

Get our finances in order.
I have one credit card that I want to get paid under the 30% mark.
Hubby has old hospital bills that need to be paid off.
Get both of our vehicles paid off or at least paid down under 5,000 for both.

I know some of these goals are going to take some hard work and I am willing to do that. 
What else am I going to have to do?