Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hospital 2

I chose the GREAT hospital! I am going to WA sometime soon, after that I am headed back home to pack up some stuff so I can go live my family for the summer! I am pretty excited, but I am scared that it might be weird moving in with my grandma over the summer. We will be fine though, my mom lives with her now in order to help her out more. I found out some pretty saddening stuff about my grandmas health and I am hoping I get to spend a lot of time with her this summer.

I miss my husband today more than ever. He hates his job, he hates this deployment. Today we talked about life...and death. We talked about the different possible scenarios. There are so many different things that could happen so I am really trying to stay positive.

Yesterday I went to an A7X,Bullet for my Valentine, and Three Days Grace concert. Today I went to the races. I have had a pretty good weekend. Tomorrow I have my nieces birthday party, then I get to start packing for WA! Is it okay to feel guilty to be having so much fun without hubby? I am having this debate with myself. I so wanted him to be there with me during the concert because they are two of his favorite bands. I was bummed out but I can't let myself not have fun just because he is gone. My life has to go on also, right? I mean, I haven't had a life in over a year really since school. I am not going out and blowing all the money we have. I am being responsible and asking his opinion on most things. Sigh...

I am sleep deprived so I am going to catch some ZzzZzzzZzzzzZ's. I have another busy week ahead of me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RN Extern Program

I got another acceptance letter today.

Now I don't know what to do.

I am making myself sick over picking one and my hubby won't help me decide.

Ugh. I hate this, I never thought I would have a hard time.

Hospital #1 is the hospital I did my clinical rotations at. I feel comfortable there. I know a few of the staff members. Although, they want you to work a full 40 hours a week, which is fine with me until my hubby gets his leave in June. I don't know if they are willing to let me off. They schedule me. I have to wear white scrubs. I will save gas.

Hospital #2 will give me the opportunity to stay with my grandma and mom this summer. It is such a NICE hospital that I could see myself working at when I graduated. They let me schedule my OWN HOURS. Taking off to see my husband for his leave is not a big deal at all, I already have it cleared with them. I will be wasting a ton of gas.

I never thought I would be so messed up by having to make this decision. I should be happy that I am badass enough to get into BOTH competitive programs. They only had enough room to accept half of the applicants. I have friends from my school that didn't get in either programs. I just had to apply to both of them in fear I wouldn't get one. I took someones spot and they won't pick another person if I drop.

Think I might go throw up now. I know it's not a big deal but I feel like it is going to be a life changing experience. Hubby and I don't know where we are going to move after graduation and deployment but either hospitals would be a good decision and there is BSN programs in both towns. Hospital #2 has a HUGE university program right at the hospital. The other hospital is a small state university so it would be cheaper...

Why do I have a type A personality. This decision is not going to kill me or determine my entire future although I feel that way right now. I hate planning my entire life out to a T.


I just spent over 2 1/2 hours on the phone with one of my nursing school bestie.
We laughed almost the entire phone conversation!  I definitely needed some laughter! I will for sure miss her over the summer, we live an hour and a half away so I don't get to visit her much because the drive is a hassle.

Hubby is doing fine, he is heading to a new state tomorrow for a few weeks. He will be going back to the original state after that, we will get a four day leave, after that he is heading to Afghanistan. Not much longer, but I am ready to get it over with. I am ready for leave to be here so I can see him then I want the next year to fly! He put in for his two week will probably be late fall/early winter before he gets to take leave.

Have I said that I am so ready for the next year to fly? The faster it goes the faster I get my hubby back and I get the chance to take the NCLEX! I am so ready to be a nurse working somewhere...I know I will miss school though once I am done. I will be going back to get my BSN and working my way up to either an Nurse Practitioner or a CRNA. Still undecided...I am only 19 though, I will be turning 20 in July. I am still really young though so I am going to have time to decide on what to do after I get my BSN.

Well it is 0200 here, I need to get in bed! Not like I Have anything to do tomorrow but I can always mow....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lonely Nights

I can't sleep.

This sucks, I feel sick to my stomach and I have a pretty good feeling my husband is leaving a few details out about his job. I guess he is trying to "protect" me. I am not dumb though, it is easy to tell when he isn't being honest. I probably sound like an obsessive wife, but it is hard to handle when he is trained to do one job then a few weeks before deployment they "change" his job that he is not meant to do!

Gut feeling? Maybe? Something just isn't right.

I am making myself sick over it, it is 0344 my time. I need to go to bed but I don't think I can.
Might as well try, I have nothing better to do.

Deployment Family Day/See Ya Later Day

There is so much emotion in this picture, I want to cry just looking at it. 

From Left to Right:
BIL,SIL,Niece, Nephew, MIL,
My soldier, and me sporting the Us Army shirt.

Yes, as a matter of fact I did know I have child bearing hips!
This picture definitely shows that.

Final formation

Oklahoma Thuderbirds

Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving On

Well...I did it.

I passed my first year of nursing school!
I will be moving on.
One more year and I can take the NCLEX!

Could this week get any better?

Praise the Lord!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Test

I passed my final "big" test called the Hesi. We were supposed to score an 850 and I scored a 907.
I am so happy and so relieved, after tomorrows IV therapy skills lab I will officially be a SOPHOMORE nursing student and only one year away from graduating RN school.

Talk about a HUGE weight off my shoulder!

Thanks for the thoughts everyone I appreciate it tremendously!

As for now...I still have my pharmacology class to finish. {It is a piece of cake compared to my nursing class though so no worries!}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Advice Needed

I have a friend that I grew up with my entire life up until 9th grade. I haven't spoken to him in a long time because of school, moving away, etc. He emailed me today, it was a sweet email about how he was so proud of how dedicated I am to my husband and our country and I was a good wife...blah blah blah. Then he said good luck on your test. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I told hubby about it...hubby's RED flag went up automatically.

He gave me the lecture so to say about how guys will hit on me while he is gone....I tried to defend my friend cause we were kids growing up together.

I have an ex-(from HS,nothing serious) that just wrote me on FB asking what I was going to get him for his bday. Seriously? Two guys could not be hitting on me on the same day?! What do y'all do in situations like this when they are your friends?!

I was nice to the first one because I didn't really realize or think that he was hitting on me....Still not sure but I did go back and re-read the email and it says Hey pretty...Weird for sure.

The second one was obvious so I told him that just because my husband was out of town did not give him the right to hit on me, then I quickly changed the subject to his pregnant sister....

I can't be mean and if I don't reply back to an email that looks bad because I am a FB creep, I have no life really. Studying and FB is like a hobby!

Just wondering if any of y'all have ever been put in these types of situations?
This is totally random, and these guys might not have been hitting on me but like my husband said it has been months since I have talked to either, now all of the sudden they are sending me private emails?!

My husband and I have a very good relationship, we are honest with each other and I don't leave small details out. I just haven't had this happen to me, and I don't know how to stop it nicely without being mean.

Ahh..if only I could just grow some freaking balls and tell them to leave me the hell alone.

Random post of the day...I know.

Car Rental, Flights, Externship-Could This Day Get Any Better?

I was not able to rent a car, in Mississippi the laws are you have to be over the age of 21.
Fine by me.
I will drive! 10 hours isn't to bad, unfortunately my car doesn't have the input thingy so I can plug my iphone into it and listen to music! WAAAA!

On a  really positive note....I GOT THE EXTERN POSITION! I start May 31! I am stoked and I can not wait till I am working!

On another positive note. I talked my hubby into me just flying to WA to see a friend of mine. She lives in WA now because her husband is in the Army. I am so excited, I haven't seen her in over nine stinking months! We are all really good friends, I know my hubby is going to be kind of bummed that he won't be there, but I have been putting of this trip for far to long.  I didn't want to have to pay a $150 cancellation fee since I was going to fly out there at the end of summer instead I switched my flights and I didn't have to pay one penalty!

Today has been great! I passed my last unit test and everything is falling into place!
I am beginning to get closer to God and I definitely owe everything to him! My stress levels are at a all time low and I have never felt this great;)

Now I have one of the biggest tests of my nursing career tomorrow, so wish me luck! In OK it is called the HESI {mid-curricular}. We test over everything we have learned over the past year. I have to make an 850 on it so I am shooting for a 900! Wish me luck and I will update tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Screw Being Under 21

It is NOT because I can't drink, it is because I can't rent a stinking car.

I already booked my flight for this summer, well I didn't think to call to the car rental places first.
If I can't rent a car once I get there I have to CANCEL my flights, which we lose $150.
I will have to drive a ten hour drive all by myself just to see my husband.
Hey, I will do whatever it takes...but ten hours driving back home is just to much in my opinion.
I am scared I might be a wreck...
I am waiting on Toyota to call me back, the lady I spoke with said she is going to find out the age limit, and try very hard to get me a car due to the circumstances...I'm sure it will cost a pretty penny, but I do NOT care at this point. I want it planned out and I want to see my husband.

I have my VERY LAST unit test tomorrow! WHOOHOO! Nursing school is ALMOST over for the summer! I am so excited, but I better get off here so I can do some last minute studying before I go to bed!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Obama Post

I deleted it. 
It came off wrong.
I am very thankful that our country took on the challenge and killed this man.
Osama Bin Laden did so many horrible things, and I am so grateful that he is now deceased.
I am still not quite celebrating though, though it is a huge accomplishment for America.
This can only boost our troops morale, and allow many families to finally have closure and peace of mind.

I will be celebrating when all of our soldiers are returned home, safe and sound. 

I do not ever want to come off as unpatriotic, and last night I sounded just that way.
I love our soldiers men/women. I will be forever grateful for them.
My husband is currently training for his second deployment,
I am appreciative for everything they do.

"For I know the plans I have for you",declares the LORD,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future". Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Obama is about to make a statement. Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!

Picture Update

Here are a few random pictures to catch all of y'all up. You can tell I am trying to do anything to keep from studying! I have so many tests this week and I am coming up with so many excuses not to study! I am READY for SUMMER already!

Starting with the dog...
Meet Abbey, she is a Basset Hound.

Nose to the ground, just like a hound dog. 

He is definitely cute.
Bad thing is HE KNOWS IT.

Playing puppies

Last formation before they load the buses. 

Yummy kisses.

Don't judge me, I was sleep deprived.
We didn't sleep at all that night,
in fear that we would miss the alarm clock.

Oh, how I love him.

Night before he left...
excuse the dirty coffee table,
we pigged out on his leave!

Hubby and MIL

Gaw, I miss him.

Patriot Riders

HWY Patrol escort all the way to the state line.

Hubbys bus. He was on the side behind the driver.


I can definitely not wait till June! I am so excited, a friend of mine and I are going to road trip to see our hubby's. They get a four day leave before they go. It is going to be a TEN hour drive! I hope she sticks with it, I am like super excited and it's over a month away! I found a hotel right smack dab on a white sand beach! It is kind of pricey though....hopefully everyone can agree to getting the 2 bedroom and splitting the cost...we will see.

I will be perfectly content sleeping in a really cheap hotel with a hard mattress though, I just really want to see my husband and spend some time with him. I really really miss him.

FINALS are this week, things are crazy.
Keep me in your thoughts, I am taking a HUGE test this compares to the NCLEX almost, besides I don't earn a license if I pass it;) Darn it.