Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Been Awhile.....

I am so sorry for being so unactive for that last few months. This blog was supposed to be for deployment and I totally abandoned it! (Insert sad face here). Life has been hectic crazy.

I am in my 3rd semester of nursing school! Yippie! We just wrapped psych up and we are moving on to OB! I am terrified of OB and I am officially afraid of having kids.

Let's see. What's new with me. Hubby is still gone, has been gone for well over 6 months now, out of those 6 months I have seen him a rough 6 days. It sucks. RR isn't for another few months. I hate this so bad, I have been in a funk lately. He went on his first mission recently and it's killing me. I haven't heard from him lately but I checked the bank account and he has spent money somwhere today so I know he is okay. I swear I am not a creeper wife that counts every penny hubby spends;) I check it a few times a week anyways cause some soldiers have had issues recently with $500 plus just going unaccounted for and they are pretty sure it had something to do with the debit card reader at the vending machines:/ So scary!

I graduate in about 8 months from nursing school and in around 3-4 months I will be eligible to go ahead and take the LPN boards. I am getting nervous about it but I decided to take LPN boards so I can get a idea of what boards will be like. I am so ready to just move on with my life and have my hubby back.

All my friends are getting RR and it's killing me to hear them brag about it and I am slightly jealous of them. I know I shouldn't be because I will get my turn and ours is perfect timing, I will be out of school for a week during his RR. I can't help it and I hate being envious! I just keep thinking to myself that their RR will end and they will have so many months to go before they see their love again, I will only have a few months to go after he leaves. I am trying to be positive but it's damn hard.

I have been so scared to even go home after school, I am terrified that I will get a knock at the door and it kills me not knowing where hubby is or what he is doing. I am so ready for some sort of communication that way I know he is alright. I know, I news is good news.

Anyways, again I apologize for abandoning y'all! I am so sorry for not keeping up to date with my life! I have missed y'all and I hope to post a new one each week! I still need to get an idea for an awesome giveaway since I am up to 50 readers.

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  1. Welcome back!!! 4 more months and I'm DONE!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!! :) I can't wait.

    OB was my favorite class. You are going to L-O-V-E it.


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