Sunday, July 17, 2011


Since when did it become okay to post pictures on Facebook and put the camp location as the caption. I mean come on, this facebook page has posted pictures of the firing range at a specific camp in Kuwait. They have posted numerous photos of pictures of the camp itself.

Am I not right? This is breaking OPSEC? I posted on their wall asking for them to enlighten me on why this was not breaking OPSEC and they deleted my post. Not once, but three times. I have emailed the state public affairs officer for the ARNG and I will be calling him Monday.

I wouldn't have been so mad if they would have just explained it to me or gave me a reason or took the caption off, but no...I'm sure it's some wife running this page and she prob thinks that since it is just Kuwait that it is okay.

I have had several SOLDIERS and their WIVES emailing me and asking me what can be done about this page. Many of the soldiers are in Kuwait and they advised us and all of our family to stay off the page and NOT like it.

My question to the military wives out it okay to post the camp location? We were told in the 38738793 briefings that you should just stick with country, we were also told that it was okay to give a region for example, SE Afghanistan or Northern Kuwait etc. I just don't want to be in the wrong here and I have a STRONG feeling that something is going to be said to my husband about me speaking out for OPSEC. This isn't the first time that a soldier would be repreminded for something his wife do or say. It happens all the time, especially in our unit. I have a dear friend that confided in the FRG leader about her worries with her husbands pay and she went back and told his commander and he got smoked for an hour for it. I seen the original email and it was NOT rude whatsoever. I am through with the military. I am tired of all the drama that comes with. This deployment has been nothing but a pain and my husband is ashamed to be going with this unit, he is counting down till he gets out. He loved the military at one time and now they have ruined it for him. I really hope noone that I know reads my blog but I don't give a flying FU** right now. These are my feelings, and I am entitled to them.

Anyways, now that I am off that it okay to post camp locations?


  1. You did exactly the right thing contacted the state PAO.

    Now hopefully the right people will get set straight about this.

  2. You did EXACTLY the right thing! Pat yourself on the back girl :) It's one thing to talk personal stuff to others...but if it compromises the safety of the unit, someone has to step up!


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