Friday, July 8, 2011


Ahh. Last month I never went in to get my Depo shot because I don't really see the point of taking it while he is gone and plus I haven't had a period in roughly 3 years. That can NOT be healthy at my age. I have never had kids and we have decided to start trying once he is back and I am a licensced RN. I am excited but scared. Anyways...on to my story. Today I wake up from my nap crying for no reason, I cried when I did the dishes, I cried while cleaning the bathroom. I am just a wreck. I had no reason to be sad. Hubby did nothing to me, I just cried and I couldn't stop really. I really hope my horomones straighten out sometime soon because I cannot be dealing with this for much longer.

Also- I have a dermatologist appt on the 19th. I found a black spot on my birthmark that is on my back. I am worried about it because I always "inspect" it to make sure it's not changing shape, color, size. The doctor is going to do a biopsy of it, please say a prayer for me. I am really worried.

On to the topic of my blog entry! My birthday is on the 22 of this month! I have NO idea what I want! I always do this right around my birthday time! I told my family that I would be happy with some itunes cards. Hubby refuses to buy me anything cause he is in Kuwait and he doesn't have any idea of what I want plus he is to lazy to order it. Our anniversary is on the 1 of August and I have already ordered him a Iphone dock/alarm clock. I couldn't ship it to the APO address so I had it shipped here, once I get it I am going to stick it in his totally awesome anniversary box that I decorated!

I am just moody, emotional, and I want HIM to buy me a damn present. Is that to much to ask for? He has never bought me a present on his own besides our first Christmas we had together as a married couple. It's just irritating, like he doesn't really know my likes/dislikes. Ha, here I go with the emotions. I am going to show some pics of his box that I made for our anniversary. I think it is the best box I have ever made!

Our wedding colors were purple,
I am sure I will have a very
embarrased hubby.
It's the thought that counts though,


  1. My husband has only bought me a handful of presents throughout our 8 year relationship span. It makes me sad, because I always try to get him the perfect gift. You are perfectly entitled to be moody in my opinion! I'm sure he will love his present (and box), just voice your concerns with him eventually.

  2. praying that your dr visit goes well, and that box is too cute :)


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