Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Apologize, W/ Pictures

I apologize for being a horrible blogger, yet again I have fallen into the great abyss.
I have seriously had the craziest summer yet!
In May I went to Washington.
June I went to Mississippi to visit hubby.
I started the externship and have been working crazy 12's since! I have rotated through Surgery, ICU, Pre-Op, OB, and ER. I love ICU, OB, and ER the best. I would honestly work in any of these!:)
My Summer In Pictures:)
The flowers hubby got me!
I got them during my last week of school!3


Bob and Abbey

First plane ride!
Headed to Washington.

The Rockies

Mount Ranieer
This picture was taken about 2 hours away from the MT.

At McChord

Taco Shop in a old bus in Seattle/Tacoma somewhere!


My Twilight <3 Woods!
Washington State

Little Crab

Big Crab @ The Sound.

Narrows Bridge

Gig Harbor!

Gulf Port Mississippi on Pass

Us on the ferry to ship island!

Enjoying the breeze!

Ship Island was so lush and green! Very HOT though!

Showing off my new dress!

I love the colors!

Silly hubby!

Ship Island!

Ship Island Beach <3

Back at the hotel!

He always ruins a good pic ;)

Beach Front Hotel!

About to get on the jet skis!
Sorry about the quality it was taken with a disposable camera!


  1. Be an ICU nurse :)

    I am biased.

  2. Love all the pictures, looks like you've been having a great/busy time.


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