Friday, March 11, 2011


To the ANONYMOUS comment:For one if you can't put your name don't post on my page. I have the heart to spill everything on here and you should be able to at least let it be known who you are.

I put "killer" for people so that they would know that it was in fact the correct dog. I am paying good money for her to go to a trainer, and if it does happen again it will be my fault and I understand that, but I LOVE my husband with all my heart and I am going to try to fix his dog, if that cost me an arm and a leg so be it. I am aware of what I am doing, I have lost sleep over it. It is my dog, my life and I am going to make the final decision. Oklahoma does not have strict laws against Pit Bulls yet, I have checked. I am sure there will one day, but by the time they do I am going to have her trained. Molly was not viscously "mauled", it in fact took me awhile to even find bite marks,she had one set of bite marks which meant Ashley bit once realized what she did and stopped. I have seen Molly challenge my Pit Bull in fact, it is in their nature to back themselves up when challenged. I understand the responsibilities of owning a Pit Bull this is why I am seeking out for help. I have thought about this long and hard and I am not having her put down until I have to. I am testing out the waters and watching her behavior very closely.

So before you go and call me an idiot please educate yourself on the subject matter first. I should not have to explain myself but I find it very rude that you call me an idiot and you can't even own up to your own name.

What is so wrong with having a little faith anyways?


  1. What the hell is with all of these anonymous people on blogs lately? If they want to say it, at least have the guts to put their name to it! I am sure it is not easy for you to have to make a plan to take care of a dog you love even if you know the consequences. Ignore it. I am sure you will come to a wise decision and you are hurting for both of your dogs.

  2. completely agree with you and I think I would have to do the same thing! I have a lot of respect for you for not putting her down... i know you have a gut feeling that you shouldn't and I think it's awesome you're going with it! Everyone deserves a second chance.

  3. I agree with you two 100%, people should leave their names! It just got under my skin.

    I know it is a dog, and it sounds ridiculous, but I got this dog to grow old with and I am not having her put down over an accident. I have replayed it over and over in my head and Molly was not viscously attacked, and Ashley has dropped severe weight over the last few days, she won't eat, she won't play. Something is wrong, she is grieving, whether it is over the incident with molly or hubby leaving, I know my dog all to well.

  4. I completely agree with you. NO ONE should comment on your page & call you an idiot! It's none of their business.
    It's your choice what you do with Ashley! As long as your hubby supports you, it's all that matters!

  5. I applaud you on your decision to try and rehabilitate the dog. You weren't home to witness the incident, so you have no idea what set it off. I think it is wonderful that you are willing to give Ashley a second chance and I am confident that you will be careful and such an event will not happen again.
    Good luck with training!


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