Sunday, March 27, 2011

See Ya Later Ashley

Ashley went to her new owner today! I am very saddened but I am excited for Ashley. She is living with the dog trainer now, a very great one at that. She is going to be in perfect hands, with someone that can dedicate their time life to her. I could not have found a better person to take Ashley. I will get to see her when I want, I was even offered a JOB with the dog trainer! That is right, she wants me to come up there and help her train dogs! She thinks I am awesome....wish I would have known a long time ago, cause in my opinion working with dogs would be way better than working with humans! If only the pay was as great. Now, I love working with people but some days I can't believe I chose nursing. There are so many whiney sick people to take care of. Exactly the reason why I chose not to work on a Med/Surg floor. I am doing really good, hubby is still home on some leave time. It has been nice, we haven't really done much but hang out. We went to see Sucker Punch last night with his mom, let's just say that movie was a FAIL in my opinion. My hubby is a movie buff and he didn't like it either if that tells you anything. It was bad.

I really miss blogging regularly! &I hate to cut it short but I have a unit test on Wednesday...I have got to study some more before I go to bed. Our test is over Pathophys. We are learning a lot about infections, disease processes, Chemo, and Radiation. This unit is like a mixed pot of fun stuff!

Wish me luck!

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