Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Weeks*EDITED*

Two weeks into deployment and I miss my husband tremendously. He is training right now so I do still get to talk to him on a regular basis so it makes it "easier". He is literally my best friend though so I am kind of still lost without him. I have been doing okay but I get really lonely in this empty quite house. We found out that he does get a four day before he goes overseas though so I am pretty excited about that!

On to my dog, she did amazing at the trainers yesterday, she walked along side of me, she sat after some practice. The trainer has a lot of faith in her, she says that she has seen many pit bulls be challenged and they kill because it is in their nature. She was telling me a lot about the signs to look for and how to stop it. It was really interesting. I am so glad that she has some faith in my dog, many people are scolding me for not having her put down. Deciding to rehabilitate the dog was a harder decision in my opinion, because I was so angry at her for doing what she did. She is a good dog, she wants to please people. She knew she did wrong, she has barely touched any food for over a week now. The day before yesterday I had to bribe her to eat, I poured a can of beef broth and put some canned chicken in her food. She was so hungry she ended up eating the entire bowl of food. I have faith in my dog, I think she will do well!

Hubby is calling right now!.....

Well, that was very short lived. He told me he was going on some kind of walk tonight. Apparently for no reason. Oh Lord, the NG is something else. It was a ruck walk with 50 lbs. of gear, they ended up doing over 3 miles. I just had to clarify that cause I made OKNG sound bad! 

I guess I am going to find something productive to do. I have laundry and lots of it waiting so patiently for me. Then I need to practice with Ashley some before bed time.


  1. I'm glad the training looks like it will work out. I hope you can work to forgive and live together for a long and happy life together.

  2. I'm so glad to hear Ashley doing great! & progressing, awesome!

  3. Awww, I bet it's so hard being so far apart right now. That's awesome that your dog is doing so great. I wish that mine were trained.

  4. Hi there! New follower here. I'm glad your dog is doing well with training! Hope everything works out :)


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