Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Update

Nursing School=HELL
I made a 70% on the last test, 70% in nursing=F
I will not be around for awhile until I figure out how to juggle life with nursing school.
School has gotten harder than I ever thought possible, they are trying weed out the weak.
You should see the emails we get from the director. They are horrible and it practically screams, "we are going to let you drown and we will not save you!"

I am fed up with nursing school.
My back-up plan is join the Air Force.
Hopefully I don't need the back-up plan but I have been so sick and stressed over school that I don't even remember if its worth it or not.

On to the dog,
I am taking her to a personal trainer. She is going to try to help us, if she can't then she is going to screen some people and try to find a good home for our dog. We are not having her put down.

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate every single one of them. Sorry I haven't had time to comment back to any of y'all.


  1. Don't give up, even if you have to repeat a class-- repeat it! It happens, and it doesn't mean you will be a bad nurse. Nursing school is NOT easy, and it's tough to get in, so you must be smart to begin with to have even been accepted!! KEEP ON GOING!!! You can do it.

  2. Don't give up! You have been in nursing school long enough to be done in a little over a year! It's going to be TOTALLY worth this stress. Stay strong love.


  3. I wish I could change the way nursing school administration thinks. That stuff pisses me off. They should be there to help you not make you crumble! Truth be told...I always ignored their threats/emails/lectures and just studied. They love threats...weird for such a supposed group of caring people right? Hang in there. It is much easier when you get out and the jerks aren't subjectively grading you

  4. wow I am very sorry! as Sarah said, do not give up!! People can repeat, and even some of the best nurses probably had to repeat a class during nursing school. Don't let anything bring you down, because you can do this and you will be a fantastic nurse.

  5. No don't give up! You've come so far already. You can do this! And school is so worth it. Yeah it's way hard and stressful but just think about the difference that you'll be able to make in people's lives and vise versa. You've got this girl, just study extra hard and you'll come out winning in the end. And even like Sarah said, if you have to repeat a class don't let that get you down, it happens to even the best. Good Luck!

  6. Sorry it took me AGES to get back and I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time :( I remember college and while it's not exactly nursing school, I can't tell you how many days and nights I spent going over laws, penal codes, the constitution, rules of investigation, etc etc...it's so detailed and all over the place!

    BUT it was SO freaking worth it when I earned my 3 associates :)

    Don't give up, show those teachers you got what it takes :)

  7. I'm SO SO sorry that you are having a rough time right now! Praying for you...it really is SO tough. You can do it!!


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