Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Screw Being Under 21

It is NOT because I can't drink, it is because I can't rent a stinking car.

I already booked my flight for this summer, well I didn't think to call to the car rental places first.
If I can't rent a car once I get there I have to CANCEL my flights, which we lose $150.
I will have to drive a ten hour drive all by myself just to see my husband.
Hey, I will do whatever it takes...but ten hours driving back home is just to much in my opinion.
I am scared I might be a wreck...
I am waiting on Toyota to call me back, the lady I spoke with said she is going to find out the age limit, and try very hard to get me a car due to the circumstances...I'm sure it will cost a pretty penny, but I do NOT care at this point. I want it planned out and I want to see my husband.

I have my VERY LAST unit test tomorrow! WHOOHOO! Nursing school is ALMOST over for the summer! I am so excited, but I better get off here so I can do some last minute studying before I go to bed!


  1. In CA, you can't rent a car if you are under 25. It's different by every state. I think it has something to do with insurance.

  2. You could go to war but you can't rent a car! How ironic is that?

  3. If you do drive, it's really not that bad! I've done a 14 hour drive by myself in one day and with a good ipod it's fun! Plot out the rest stops and it will be fine. Plus, no wreck and I drove through NYC in rush hour before a holiday weekend (things they say about those drivers are true). Don't be scared. You get to see your hubby!

  4. i sure hope they allow you to rent that car. i mean, c'mon you're married so you should be able to rent a car as well. you're a responsible person. businesses have the lamest rules sometimes. anyway let us know how it goes. and good luck on your test today. you'll do amazing! just think after all this you can relax and enjoy your summer break. :)


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