Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Advice Needed

I have a friend that I grew up with my entire life up until 9th grade. I haven't spoken to him in a long time because of school, moving away, etc. He emailed me today, it was a sweet email about how he was so proud of how dedicated I am to my husband and our country and I was a good wife...blah blah blah. Then he said good luck on your test. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I told hubby about it...hubby's RED flag went up automatically.

He gave me the lecture so to say about how guys will hit on me while he is gone....I tried to defend my friend cause we were kids growing up together.

I have an ex-(from HS,nothing serious) that just wrote me on FB asking what I was going to get him for his bday. Seriously? Two guys could not be hitting on me on the same day?! What do y'all do in situations like this when they are your friends?!

I was nice to the first one because I didn't really realize or think that he was hitting on me....Still not sure but I did go back and re-read the email and it says Hey pretty...Weird for sure.

The second one was obvious so I told him that just because my husband was out of town did not give him the right to hit on me, then I quickly changed the subject to his pregnant sister....

I can't be mean and if I don't reply back to an email that looks bad because I am a FB creep, I have no life really. Studying and FB is like a hobby!

Just wondering if any of y'all have ever been put in these types of situations?
This is totally random, and these guys might not have been hitting on me but like my husband said it has been months since I have talked to either, now all of the sudden they are sending me private emails?!

My husband and I have a very good relationship, we are honest with each other and I don't leave small details out. I just haven't had this happen to me, and I don't know how to stop it nicely without being mean.

Ahh..if only I could just grow some freaking balls and tell them to leave me the hell alone.

Random post of the day...I know.


  1. If they are really your friends and know how much you love your hubby, why would they hit on you? I would clearly tell them it's wrong and not try to change the subject. If you are trying to change the subject, it looks like avoidance so they might try again. For some reason, men do like to hit on women whose guys are deployed. It's like a power ego trip to see if you react. I remember one time one of my girlfriend's friends starting hitting on me. Then when I acted like a complete bitch to him, he called my a whore who should be sitting at home so my fiance doesn't get mad. It's really stupid that they do it, but just let them know it's wrong!

  2. I have always been put in that situation, in high school where I went with my husband I hung out with the guys (i hated girl drama) and well they always send me "i love you's" and "hey beautiful friend" on FB. These guys know my husband though because we all hung out together and the only one that says i love you is my best friend song. My husband now hates those people and gets mad all the time even though I dont respond to them or anything. No matter what I tell him he gets mad. And I understand because I dislike when his friends that are girls do the same. I mean there is not much you can do but tell your husband to trust you. Just don't respond and they'll get the hint.

  3. honestly its like I swear dudes have some sort of "her husband is not here" radar. I think I got hit on more times when my husband was deployed than in my whole entire life.


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