Monday, May 9, 2011

Lonely Nights

I can't sleep.

This sucks, I feel sick to my stomach and I have a pretty good feeling my husband is leaving a few details out about his job. I guess he is trying to "protect" me. I am not dumb though, it is easy to tell when he isn't being honest. I probably sound like an obsessive wife, but it is hard to handle when he is trained to do one job then a few weeks before deployment they "change" his job that he is not meant to do!

Gut feeling? Maybe? Something just isn't right.

I am making myself sick over it, it is 0344 my time. I need to go to bed but I don't think I can.
Might as well try, I have nothing better to do.

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  1. *hugs you* hang in there, girl! <3


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