Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bad Bad Student

I have been a horrible student, I just realized that I forgot to take one of my unit exams by the due date. It is an online class. I have a 95% in the class but a zero on a test is going to hurt. Especially when the test is worth 10% of my grade. I emailed the teacher, hopefully she reopens it and lets me take it. I can't believe I forgot, my school website never sent me the update about it being open either so I partly blame it on that.

I am taking a break from studying right now, I am about to eat some cereal then get back to it. I have my cardiac test tomorrow and I am sort of freakin' out. I have most of it down, but this teachers tests are extremely hard. Over half the class seriously failed her last one, and I am not even kidding. She said she felt really bad, but I don't believe her because she was being a smart ass about it in class. She is currently head over the education dept at a hospital. She does all the continuing education for the hospital. She needs to realize that we aren't RN's. The people she teaches at the hospital already have their licenses.

I am not being a sissy about this teacher either, she is hard. Even our nurse practitioner teacher said her test was hard and she wasn't to positive that she would be able to pass.

Now that is bad. I think that we should make the director of the program take the test to she how well she does! Maybe that would make them realize something isn't right when HALF of the class fails.

Okay, off my hard test "soapbox".

I really want to do a giveaway sometime soon. Any suggestions?
When I hit 50 readers I will do a giveaway, then when I hit 100 readers I will do an awesome giveaway!
I think I am currently at 43 readers. I understand that it takes awhile to build your readers.
& It is definitely not about how many readers you have. I would rather have 10 loyal readers that actually care about my crappy life. I want people that actually read 85% of the time and someone that can pass some words of wisdom on my way.

I love each and every one of you, y'all have no idea how much your comments mean to me. I know that I have a support system. Having a support system right now is one of the most important things to me at this point in my life.

 I am being tested, and I have to stay strong.


  1. No suggestions for a give away, but have you talked to the dean or director of your program about this? Yes, as a nurse you are responsible for your patients and you can kill them, but your tests shouldn't be so impossibly hard where your NP teacher agrees with the difficulty of the tests!

  2. I honestly don't think anyone has come forward about it. Our director has been known to hand a "complaining" student a list of other nursing schools from across the state and say "Sometimes a person is not "meant" to be in this program.

    Yes, I believe I chose the wrong school. I am so ready to graduate and move on to another university for my BSN. I did not fail her last test to horribly. I made a 70 and 75 is passing. It didn't hurt me very bad, I normally make low A's or B's on my tests. I made a 93% on my last 14 page careplan. I completely agree with you though, the tests should not be so difficult where half the class fails. Something with the teacher is wrong when half of the class fails. I could understand if a few people failed and the rest of the students passed well, but this is just not the case. I guess we will see how it goes tomorrow. I am still studying for it and hitting the stuff she said was "important" during lecture.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the shitty instructor. We had one that a few years prior to me had IMPOSSIBLE tests and everyone failed. Then she was forced to take a leave of absence. When she came back, her tests were better. Maybe going to your director in a calm, collected way (showing little to no emotion) could help?

  4. Was there anyone who passed her exam? or anyone who got a decent grade?

  5. Good idea Julie, but me showing no emotion is impossible!

    Sarah, I will put it this way. I think the highest grade on her last test was an 83% and the person that made it has been an LPN for several years.

    I made a 80% on my test today, nothing to brag about but I passed! I will take it for sure!


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