Friday, April 29, 2011

Deployment Details

On my last post I explained that we (hubby and I), were having a rough time with this deployment. I finally found out why, hubby told me last night that his MOS was changed, he is getting little training before he goes. It is a dangerous job in my opinion, I am scared now and I will have NO peace of mind while he is gone. He was 25U, which is a communication specialist (or something similar). I was told that I can't tell his new job, sorry for the suspense.

The main reason why I am so upset about it all is because in July when he was called to extend, the first question he asked is "Is this deployment MOS specific?" The commander said YES. This means that he would be doing HIS JOB, HIS MOS. The reason he asked this is because last deployment he did not do his job. Nothing wrong with that, but he was trained in 25U! It would be nice if that is what he got to do.

It just goes to show....

Like all things in the Army, if it is not in writing then it is subject to change.

I am through with the military and if I fail out of nursing school I BETTER come up with a better backup plan because military will no longer be an option for me.

Sorry if I offend anyone, I am not trying to. I am truly hurt by the way things are going with this deployment. There are so many things that have happened since he has been gone.

Right now I am exhausted and I just want to be a bitchy "Army wife".


  1. Sometimes as a military wife, you just have to embrace the suck and learn to be flexible. I know it's awful seeing your husband unhappy, in fact, it's down right unsettling... but, in the end you just have to roll with the punches. I'm sorry you are having a hard time right now.

  2. You're frustrated! You can't help that. And you will NOT fail nursing school! I've seen you work too hard. Dont let that become an option.


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