Sunday, April 24, 2011


Started off as allergies, now I am so sick I would rather die. I have been running fever, and the stupid urgent care wouldn't take my husbands tricare. I am going to try to get in the docs tomorrow, I really hope I can cause I am sick and going to the ER is stupid for something so little. I am not about to die, even though I may feel like it.....

I have school tomorrow, an interview on Tuesday, school and another interview on Wednesday! I have a busy week and I can't afford to be sick! :(

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  1. Im sorry you arent feeling so great! This nasty cold crap is going around I ended up in the er yesterday bc of it all, turns out it wasn't and was broncithios (Sp?) so if it is in your chest make sure they get an xray of your chest! the doctor said this year has been the worse for it, so if you feel that bad, go to the er, its not stupid your just concerned with your health! hope you have a fast recovery and hope you get the job i will say a little pray for you :)


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