Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I had my last day of "med/surg" clinicals down in the ER today! We got to go because our instructors work in ER and they usually let us go one day a semester. I loved it, I can't wait till next semester when we are down there more! I love ER more than I could EVER love med/surg.

I PASSED the HARD test! I made a B but I will take it. I don't know anyone that failed so maybe we stepped it up a notch. She might have made the test a tad bit easier but I still feel proud because I studied my butt off and I knew the stuff, besides some of the dysrthymias. I still get confused on them, but I think I could take a ENTIRE semester of just EKG interpretation!

Puppy training last night was very exhausting. She was loud all night, I put her in her crate till bed time. She yelped and howled. It was so annoying. I left her in it though for a long time. I let her sleep with me at night because my husband is gone and I guess it is mostly for my comfort...hubby will have no problem with it when he gets home though. We have always loved snuggling with our babies. It is going to be weird when he gets home to a brand new dog, he only met her for a few days when he came in for leave, she was so little then she slept all the time! Now she is playful and she likes to nibble on everything!

I swear I will post pictures soon!

I bought a new shirt today for my interview @ the hospital next week! I intended on buying a whole new outfit but I could only fit a BIG size and I refused to pay $32 for a pair of slack capris I was only going to wear three times at the most, plus I don't plan on being able to fit them by the end of the summer. I am so cheap but with how much I spend in gas each week I have to be, plus we are saving to buy a house!

Ahh...I need to pull the camera out and take some pictures! I have a four day weekend and I am going home to spend some time with my family, I am determined to get some pictures this weekend!


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSS...maybe I'm biased, but the ED is the best place in the hospital :)

  2. It is in my opinion, I also really loved OR too besides all the standing I had to do...but the circulating nurse got to sit on a nice pedestal some to rest her feet! They like to punish the students;) Wound care was interesting also, but I think I just really liked the doctor, he was an older man but he was so enthusiastic about his work, he got me excited about wound care! He was blunt and he was excited to have students! Ahh..All the options, tomorrow I go to Hospice, let's just say I am NOT excited at all.


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