Monday, April 18, 2011

Puppy Training

Okay, so I got a puppy after get rid of Ashley. She is a basset hound, I read up on them but I did NOT remember how hard it was raising a puppy. She has been to the vet and everything is fine..but....she can be outside for hours then come straight in and go pee. She is backwards. Anyone have any pointers? I am starting to get very annoyed. I am about to leave her in her crate a lot more if it doesn't stop.

My Pug Bob has occasional accidents but I blame them on myself mostly, if I take a nap he sometimes has an accident. I don't punish him though because it is my fault for not letting him out BEFORE I take a nap. I have never had so much trouble house training a dog.



  1. How old is the puppy? Are you crate training to housebreak?

  2. Dr. Army Wife she is about 10 weeks old. I know she is still really young but I am not seeing any progress whatsoever! I am trying to crate train to housebreak but she yelps so much when in the crate I can't stand for her to be in there very long. I am trying to make crate training a positive experience with toys and treats, and lots of love and praise but this dog is very selfish and she just won't give up.

  3. I understand! I have a Yorkie, and they are stubborn little things! But I just had to be stern with her, and she is great now! She will wait for the door to go "outside" and "peepee" she's smart & knows thats what it means! I wish you the best of luck xoxoxo

  4. You kind of have to put up with the yelping. Sooner or later she will learn it's ok to be in the crate. When you take her out every time she yelps, she is the one training YOU. lol. But, she's learning that if she cries, she gets what she wants and that's not good.

  5. Definitely agree with Sarah on this one. You can't give in or else you will teach her that she is the pack leader and you are just the follower. (Have you read Cesar Millan's books? Highly recommend!) She's probably still very scared as she is only 10 weeks. I've heard putting a ticking clock (wrapped in a blanket or towel) into the crate helps sooth them. It sounds like the momma dog's heart beat. It's all about structure and regular schedules. Crate time, pee time, play time, crate time, pee time, play time etc. Good luck!!!

  6. Thanks for the input, I have always had dogs and I have never had such a big baby! I will keep on training her and putting her in her crate. I have discovered that putting her in the bathroom works really good cause I can't hear her that well!

    I do NOT want her to grow up thinking she is pack leader. I might just have to check into the Ceasar Milans books! Thanks for the advice!


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