Friday, April 15, 2011

Tornado Alley-April 14,2011

Yesterday I spent over half of the day in and out of the cellar. Yes, we all know what this means for Oklahoma?! Spring has finally made it's grande entrance! Yay!

Not say yay really, as we were going to get in the cellar for what seemed like the millionth time, I got a very important phone call. My husbands sister had lost everything. Her whole home was flattened besides two bedrooms, they lost their boat, the new truck, their travel trailer. Thankfully no one got hurt in our family. Please pray for the town of Tushka, Oklahoma. Two lives were taken and several are in critical condition. I will get some pictures if I decide to go down this weekend to help them clean up. Hopefully clean up can start soon, they are having to wait until the insurance man looks at the property. Here is a video that shows pretty good detail.

On the other hand, I passed my venipuncture returns! I got blood! WHOOHOO!

Again, Please pray for the entire community of Atoka and Tushka Oklahoma, many people have lost everything.

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  1. That is a HUGE Tornado! Hubby and I lived in OKC for 4 years while stationed at Tinker and Ive come to learn that Tornado alley is no joke! There were many a times where we hid down stairs in our walk in closet when the sirens went off. Im glad that your family is safe and sorry they lost so much, that is truly devistating :( I pray everything turns out ok for everyone and a swift recovery. And congrats on your veinpunctures! I always HATED drawing blood LOL!


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