Thursday, December 30, 2010

497 Days

Yes, I said it! I have exactly 497 long lovely days until I freaking graduate from nursing school.  Very excited considering I have knocked out over a hundred days pretty quickly, without killing myself!
I guess counting the days might make it longer, but to me it is promising when I see the number go down. So, yes I am going to count every single little day! Just like when my hubby is gone, I will be counting the days that he has been gone. 

Ahh..I am so excited. When I think about it, I don't even go to school during the summer, that automatically knocks at least 90 days off! I kind of have to count weekends though, since I do spend so many of them hunkered {sp?} over books and several different folders of power-points.


Speaking of school, I am not ready to go back. I have a little over two weeks. I love school but it is definitely a love-hate relationship!

I can't wait until I can get a card like this^

or...a cake like this. Isn't it awesome?

or...a pin or necklace like this?! That you can find here.


497 days might seem like a million years but I have wanted this since was at least 12! I am actually doing it!   I am definitely proud of myself!


  1. ok-you so have to invite me to the party if there is a cake like that! that look so yummy! Oh and you can also count off a few more wks for the next holidays and spring break. just sayin'. :)

    @glamour glory

  2. It's rewarding when you don't have to read powerpoints about wound care.

  3. @Reyna-You will be invited if I get an awesome cake like that:) Oh yeah I've already thought about the holidays and the month long Christmas break I get next year!:)

    @Julie-Yes, I agree. Wound care is HORRIBLE! I did my first dressing change on a stage four on th coccyx. Talk about nasty, I was praying the whole time begging him to not let me throw up on the poor lady. I don't usually get sick feeling but the smell just got to me. That is saying a lot also because I am a CNA right now. I smell a lot of stuff. lol

  4. You can do it!! It really will pass by SO fast, then you'll be working and wishing you were back in school sometimes!! Haha!!

  5. I love this post just because I know exactly how you feel. I am counting down the days till my hubby comes home- counting down the days till I'm done with Medical Assisting school, and then I'll be counting down the days till I am done with Nursing school. Gosh, I love that cute little cake btw! I just wrote you a book! haha :) Have a lovely night Kayla!!

  6. We are graduating right around the same time!! EEEKKKKK!!! I know how you feel. I'm at about half way now and 385 more days to go. WOOT! I can't wait to be done with care plans, those are the most evil thing to me.

  7. woot woot!!! congrats on being one day closer to graduating. um... i want that cake. and i can hardly wait for that day either but i haven't even started. i have a love/hate relationship with school as well. i can't even believe the break is almost over! i go back in 5 days. :( but as a nursing student. :)

  8. Oh, I can sooo relate!!! I'm a nurse doing a specialist programme and I'm so, so, so sick of it. I have very little left but I'm so sick of it! The day I graduate with my oncology degree will be the happiest of my life.. (or at least one of them). Hang in there and welcome to the wonderful world of nursing.

  9. Aww thanks! I bet you are ready to graduate and kudos to you for specializing in Oncology. That just isn't my thing. Well I'm in my second semester so who knows I might end up liking oncology. I'm thinking surgery or trauma. Not sure though. I def know I don't want to work in nursing homes, med-surg, or Labor and Delivery! lol


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