Friday, December 3, 2010

Extraterrestrial Life?

So looking over some news articles yesterday I came across the weirdest one I have seen in awhile. A NASA Scientist has found an Arsenic-Eating bug (microorganism). NASA is stating that this "bug" might hold clues to extraterrestrial life! I think this is taking it a little to far, there is always one finding that will change everything we have been taught to date. Yes this means that we have found a new type of "life" so to speak. It can literally eat on arsenic!! That is poisonous to humans and every other life form out there. Not for this bug though, when eating Arsenic it thrives. Phosphorus is an element that all other life forms need to thrive, it is all of our DNA. This new "bug" that NASA has discovered is not even affected by phosphorus, and it grows without the presence of phosphorus.

This is awesome but I believe that extraterrestrial life? is taking it to far. We all know that there could be e-t life and more than likely another planet could support it. I believe that by NASA coming out and saying this could prove E-T life that this is going to scare the crap out of some people! Give me your thoughts?? I'm interested in it.


  1. Hey Kayla, I found u thru Britt @ These Talking Walls. She's a great friend of mine and I am also a milSpouse. I followed. Can't wait to read more... If you get a chance pass by my blog and say hi:)

    As far as this ET thing goes... it's pretty awesome that they found such a cool thing, but that this is ET... um... IDK. I always pictured them w/one eye and huge/green... lol. That would be cool to know if it wasn't from our planet, how they actually got here... Meteor rocks? Very cool info... Hits my geek/nerd side:)



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