Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Presents

In case y'all are curious here are some of the presents I have received and given for CHRISTmas already.

Gift #1
I got an awesome 12 piece Paula Deen porcelain cookware set. They are absolutely AMAZING and RED!

 My grandmother bought me these on the Black Friday sale. They are originally $119.95 @, she got them for 70-80 I believe, although I'm the one who waited in line for them. Crazy ole' me. I've been wanting this exact set for 2 years now! I just haven't got around to getting them. 

Gift #2
Is the oh so amazing and fantastic,Zebra Snuggie. I have also wanted one of these since they came out, but my husband has a valid point. They are a blanket. We have blankets at our house already...or do we?
So, I was at Wal-Mart the other night doing some CHRISTmas shopping with my sis-in-law, I came across this totally cute amazing peace sign Snuggie. Knowing that my husband would get irritated that I paid $20 for something we practically already had, I talked myself out of buying it!
To my surprise my sis-in-law calls me today and says they bought be a CHRISTmas present. I wondered what it was, hoping it wasn't the red mixing bowls, or the Grey's Anatomy season that I put back, because I bought them a few days later. 
She brought my present by and  SURPRISE,SURPRISE, it was the zebra Snuggie that I actually wanted! I am such a lucky girl to have such amazing family that pays so close attention to things I like!
This Snuggie is greater than any blanket I own, it is warm, soft, and so comfy! I love it and my husband was far from being right on this argument. He actually just walked in the house from work, he looked at me, "Is that a Snuggie?" Then he touched it,"Are they that soft on the inside?" Now he wants one, I think I will tell him it is pointless since we have so many blankets here at the house:)

Gifts I Have Given

Honestly, I haven't bought many. We don't have kids and we are trying to save money to go on a trip before hubby is deployed. So far I have bought him an electric razor for his deployment, a Carhart jacket and coveralls for work. His birthday is in November and he got about $500 worth of new clothes,shoes, and video games. So he isn't getting to much this CHRISTmas!

It even has a self cleaner (he specifically asked for self cleaning). It was originally $140+ at walmart when we picked it out, the day I went it was on sale for $100. Sweet action, right?

He also got this because he needed a new coat for work since it has been getting cold here in OK, well besides was in the 70's! OK is BIPOLAR!! This coat was 20% off and I also got him gloves, which he is going to take on the deployment since he lost his army issued gloves and OK National Guard is to broke to buy new ones:) Shh..Don't tell them I said that....

Well, if you have made it through this entirely to long blog I applaud you! Thanks for reading my so called CHRISTmas Extravaganza!!!:) 


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