Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stethoscopes and Dogtags

Where to start...
I go back to school in a little over two weeks. 
Next month is the yellow ribbon ceremony, then in February we have the "going away" ceremony. 
My husband volunteered to go this past July, so we have known for sometime now, I never imagined the 7 months we had left would fly by so fast!
I am freaking out a little on the inside.
 I have tried to hold it all in,but I think I might explode!
 Next semester is supposed to be a hard semester, we are going to have WAY more clinical days and now my husband is going to be gone. 

Don't get me wrong, I DO support him, and OUR troops.
I am just very scared of living alone and doing everything by myself! 
Ever since his deployment to Iraq I have had some separation issues to say the least. 
Now I'm in school and I have absolutely no confidence that I can handle the home by myself! I know that I will get the hang of it in time but it is still scary, plus I have school!
Like y'all don't already know about my school!!  

 I know I can do it cause there are thousands of other people that do, and they even have kids in the picture.
 Maybe, just maybe, a kid is what I'm missing?
 Ha. See how crazy this deployment is making me!?
 A kid would keep me busy but its to late for that, and that is just insane thinking on my part, besides, I'm 19! I guess this blog is just me trying to figure out how to manage the life of "student nursing" and the deployment at once. 
I kind of like the title of this entry, I think I might change my blog name to it?! What do y'all think?  


  1. L&D will change those thoughts for a while....

  2. Very funny! I NEVER want to work L&D just because I know that has got to be one of the ugliest moments ever! Plus I don't want to hear women screaming all the time! Never have wanted to do it, but I might change my mind when I do my rotations!

  3. It's funny, I didn't think I could do it either. It's amazing what we can handle when we HAVE to. It may seem daunting now, but once you're in the middle of it you'll find that it actually is possible. You will make yourself proud! Us nursing students ought to stick together; wish we lived closer.

    I am doing my OB/Peds rotation next. My peds is going to be in an inner city school system (during flu season). I am SOOOOO not looking forward to that.

  4. Oh gosh! so soon. I feel you. When my hubby deployed my little one was one. It was hard. Don't have a baby yet! lol. It will be too hard-you don't want him to miss everything. One of my friends got pregnant right b4 and the daddy missed all the pregnancy-when she was the most emotional-the birth-and the first few months. It was the worst. Save it til' after. You have enough to stress about. You will adjust. At first it will be hard, u'll cry, but like a true mil spouse, u'll get up, smile, and fake the joy until it's finally "ok." You'll realize how strong you never knew u were. You'll be w/friends, u'll rely on them, and become stronger friends than ever. You can do it. Maybe you can even make a trip to KS to visit! :) Plus, school makes it go super-super fast.

    WHOA! I wrote a book! lol

  5. @ Just another MilSpouse-It is our second deployment but we are married now and we live together! That changes everything! I wish we did too! I am going to need more support than I can even imagine, I'm sure! I'm excited about getting the deployment over, so we can buy a house, get new furniture, have a huge yard for our dogs:)Plus I will hopefully pass the dreaded NCLEX and be a RN!:) Good luck with that, FLU season scares me because I don't take the flu shot! I guess it's true, nurses make the worst patients!

    @Reyna-Thanks, I will get used to it. & We thought about having a kid before he left but NO WAY! I changed my mind fast when I see my friend HM, she was raising 2 kids and pregnant while her husband was in afghanistan! I would like to but we have decided to wait till after school and deployment!
    I've been thinking about making a trip to kansas, my bff just got married to an army man that is stationed there! She lives in manhattan, and her aunt lives on post! I could just come up and see all of yall at once!:)

  6. I don't think I could imagine having a kid DURING deployment. I needed him there to yell at. Doctors and nurses don't take kindly to it. Haha.

    After our first deployment our middle son thought "Daddy" was the picture on the wall. It made me cry the night he came home; DH was on the couch and I told Z to go say good night to Daddy.... he went to the picture. It took him less than a week, but still it really bothered me. Our second deployment he left when our youngest was 3 months old. He missed everything! Not to mention going to the Commissary with two toddlers and an infant is not something I consider easy.

    Anyway, I know you are going to be fine. School will go on, you will go on, and before you know it he will be back home and you'll be an RN. We'll keep in touch.

    BTW, I didn't get my flu shot either. I may reconsider now though; if it's not too late. We'll see.

  7. That is so sad about knowing daddy as a picture on the wall! It took my friends daughter some time to get use having her dad around instead of just seeing a pic also!

    Thanks, I know my life will go on! With alot of work and strong will, it will!:)

    I never get the flu shot so I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt. I will be working lots of med-surg next semester!

    Hopefully we both stay flu free!:)

  8. Just Another MilSpouse! Will you please make your profile/blog to where I can follow you?! It won't let me for some reason. I don't think you have the settings on public! Maybe there is a trick but I'm new at this so I don't know!


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