Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad Day?

Today has been a weird day,
 I woke up at 5:30. Went in to work. At 8 I asked if I could leave cause' I didn't feel to good. The charge nurse wanted to take my temperature. I was running a slight fever so they sent me home. I slept on and off all day long, waking up long enough to cook my husband brunch and dinner. I have had a massive stomachache all day. 

When I woke up at 8pm my husband said my dog was gone,
 my awesome Molly is missing!
We let her go outside to use the bathroom and we never put her on a leash because we live in a *small* town, where everybody knows everybody. He let her out and she never came back. I have a bad feeling that someone stole her for a Christmas present. 
It's so sad that somebody would do that, but ironically this is the second dog we have lost a few days before Christmas. A coyote could have gotten her but I honestly doubt that.
Molly Moo :) 

Molly after a bath a few months ago!:)

There is a reward for her, I have posted all over my facebook, and I'm nearly friends with everyone in our town. Hopefully she turns up soon, I am going to search heavily tomorrow when it is daylight and not so cold. We looked tonight for a few hours but no luck. I guess tomorrow I will make fliers and post around town. 
I pray we find her, this is the most awful Christmas ever. 

My husbands battle is down this weekend to spend time before my husband deploys. They are having fun drinking and playing games and I am to sick to participate. I managed to drink one beer and felt horrible again. I guess it's Gods' way of telling me to lose weight, just like last week, I went to sonic and they were out of EVERYTHING I wanted. So then I went to McDonalds and their Frappe' machine was broke. 
Guess it might be time to hit that treadmill some, now someone inspire me please?!

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