Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Stupid Winter Storm,

Stupid Winter Storm,
                                 You are making my life extremely difficult. I have only been to school one day this week, I am four hours behind on lecture. I missed one day of clinicals due to you. I have probably gained ten pounds this week, mostly my fault but hey I blame you. I want a warm sun shiny day that involves me going to school, learning, and being productive. I have had enough of you so PLEASE go away and don't you even think about coming back till next year!

PS. All because of you I am stranded at my house, I can't get my husbands truck out of the drive, and he took my car to work! Now this makes for a looong night.

PSS. The 2-4 inches of ice needs to melt off the highways asap so I can return to school on Monday.


  1. You need to live in CA. The weather is relatively perfect about 90% of the time. It's great, I never miss school... except there are days when I wish I could miss a lecture or two. hahaha.

  2. There are days where I want to miss lecture to but this week they have piled on the homework VIA email! Oh, I wish I lived in Cali. I am tired of Oklahoma weather. It is 73 one day then a blizzard moves in the next day! Sigh..
    Ok is the most bipolar state ever!


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