Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Now I know that Valentines day is a lame commercialized holiday and you shouldn't just give gifts this one day but I am going to post what we did and what we got for the day!

Hubby and I ate a nice lunch at a bbq place in the next town over today for lunch, he is working this evening so we had no choice really. I don't have school tomorrow though, so I am planning on watching a movie tonight and sleeping in tomorrow!

We haven't got our gifts yet because we ordered them online. I should get mine tomorrow and he will be getting his sometime before he leaves hopefully. We had problems with being overcharged on because there was a problem with shipping to PO Boxes. It was confusing, but it was not their fault at all, hubby didn't see that they couldn't do the express shipping to post office boxes, we got over charged cause they had to switch to slower shipping. handle the matter awesomely! {Like me made up word!?}
I got the zebra top 
with the "full coverage" bottoms on the right! 

Hubby got very practical items. New pt gear, a new awesome $40.00 flashlight, knife sharpener, socks, undies. He got over $170.00 worth of stuff, although none of it was super cool. It is just stuff he needs for the deployment, since OK national guard is broke and won't issue him any new stuff. 

What did you give and receive?
Did you and your S/O do anything or have any plans?


  1. The post looks funky compared to how I had it!

  2. Super cute! Love the pink gear!

  3. I gave the local baristas at my local Starbucks Valentines Day sugar cookies :D I go in that one all the time and sometimes, they give me freebies so wanted to do something nice for someone today :D

  4. soooo cute! I love the bathing suit tops & of course the Army sweatshirt <3
    I just got a coach wallet, starbucks gift card & flowers :] I'm happy with it!


  5. Krystal I would love a coach wallet! I have been wanting some coach stuff for awhile but I can't allow myself to splurge! lol

    At least you got surprise, I picked out my own gifts! lol

  6. I got a card and a phone call. Valentine's Day isn't as much fun when the Mr. isn't around.

  7. Stacey I agree, but at least you got a card and phone call. He was thinking about you! Mine is deploying soon so this year we splurged more than normal. Usually we just go out to eat.

  8. How cute, you should buy yourself one! They aren't even that expensive!


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