Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rant of the Day

Finds it very annoying that some people never talk to us {call us or text to see how we are doing,or ever answer the phone when we call}. X amount of days before my husband leaves someone texts and says you need to drive down to my house so we can visit and you can visit the kids his neices and nephews. I am sorry but she lives an hour away. We are limited on cash and it's not fair that someone can go ALL freaking year without calling or answering a phone call, but she expects us to drop what we are doing to go to her house. I am so sick of doing this crap, last deployment on leave we drove EVERYWHERE to see everyone. We are sick of it being one way. If people want to visit him before he leaves they need to come see him at our house. For one, we have we are going to go three weeks without a paycheck and so we can't really afford to drive to see everyone!

Now she is trying to play the "come see your niece and nephew card. Ugh.

I might add that this is the sister that told me on Christmas Eve 09' {we were already married} that if he got deployed again she was going to be his power of attorney and if anything happened to him she was going to get the money and I wouldn't see any. Are you kidding me? I will never forget that she said that. If she thinks my husband is an idiot she is wrong, he took me less than a week after getting married to change everything and get me life insurance. I haven't told her that every thing has been changed to me but how can I when she won't even answer the phone when we call.

I am tired of being run over by his family. This is going to be a crazy year without him.
His mom already got butt hurt, because I said from the looks of it they were only going to be able to make two phone calls a month. She said "so that means he is going to call you every time?"
I just want to burst, I love his mom but I am his wife, I have to stress over all the bills, I am the one that is in charge of our house while he is gone. I don't know if I am completely wrong about all this but hubby feels the same way.

One of my husbands friends just came over and was bragging about buying a $800 four-wheeler. He is on TANF, doesn't have a job, has two kids, gets food stamps. Yet it is okay for him to spend his tax refund stupidly on an Iphone 4,XBOX,Four-wheeler, etc.
Perfect example of why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Stupid people. While the OK national guard is demoting people left and right in order to save money, these people can go blow their entire refund on stupid JUNK! Everything they brag about buying is tomorrows garage sale junk.

I am not in a good mood today, I need to take my medication.


  1. I remember my bf mentioning right before he left that all the sudden, everyone left and right wanted to hang out with him before he took off for pre-d training.

    I'm so sorry your in-laws are such buttheads right now and you're having to deal with their crap :/ Not cool at all!

  2. It is so true, everyone comes out of the wood work. Long lost relatives, family that doesn't give a crap the rest of the time. I told him this would happen, he wants to spend time at home and now everyone is asking him to drop everything to come and visit them.

    I'm sure it will go away, if not I will just not answer my phone. Turning the ringer off is pretty easy! I am so not looking forward to leave either, everyone does the same thing then too. I hate fake people that act like they miss him so much but during the year they can't return a simple phone call or email.

  3. Actually, it's a perfect example of abusing the system. I get annoyed when I hear about stuff like that.

    I think public assistance is a great program, but it needs some refining. I don't appreciate my tax dollars going to help people get food like WIC, or Welfare when those same people are out driving cadillacs, getting their nails done every week, or boozing it up every weekend. Please, remind me why you need my tax dollars again?

  4. Seriously that is such bullshit! I know how you feel though every family has its drama. & right now my hubby doesn't talk to his siblings for the mere fact that they have talked so much shit about me & we've been together since 06! I think people just have to get over it!
    I hope you feel better though xoxo

  5. It is Krystal but it will get better. Regardless they aren't bringing me down, hubby didn't answer her text anyways. He said if she wants to see me then she needs to come to our house. It's funny how people come out of the wood work and act like they are going to miss you so bad when you are leaving! lol

    That sucks about your situation, people need to just learn to be happy for other people.

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  7. I hate people who abuse public assistance programs. I think it's ridiculous to see people at Walmart paying with food stamps, then pulling out their iPhones.


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