Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stye Cure? {EDIT}

I woke up yesterday with a stye, it wasn't bad at all. It was annoying, as the day progressed it got worse. I woke up this morning to a stye so big. My eye is nearly half way swollen shut. I have tried everything, I have tried warm compresses and tea bags mostly. It felt good while doing it but right after I take the warmth off it hurts worse than before. I tried calling my NP to see if she would call me in some ointment or eye drops but she wants to see me before, well she has NO openings all week. Great. Now I am in pain, with a swollen itchy eye.

I was hoping one of you might have a secret trick?
I get styes every now and then, it seems that I get them after crying A LOT. This time it was right after studying a lot and crying a lot. My eyes were under a lot of strain.
I'm not looking for a miracle cure, I just want some relief.

I ended up going to an optometrist. He said that medications were not going to work because what I have isn't a typical stye. Mine is really deep in the tissue. He did lance a small opening and got some puss out, I can still feel a lot more puss though. In fact I have a hard ball at the very top on my inner eye ball. Yeah, it's gross. I hope it goes down tonight, I have school tomorrow. He told me to use hot wash clothes for 5 minute intervals then try to push down on the eye lid to release more puss. Gross. I should have been an optometrist though, it was pretty neat and I have a thing for popping pimples/blackheads, well I take that back, I should have been a dermatologist! Time to go put a hot rag on and squeeze some more puss out of my eyelid.
Sorry if this made anyone puke! I don't really have a weak stomach, thank God.


  1. Sorry, hot compresses and letting the eye drain is what's worked best for me. Flushing it with eyedrops best you can, too. If you find something better, please let us know!

  2. I called the pharmacy in town and they said they have some ointment, I am about to go up there and see what they give me. I pray it works, I am desperate at this point, it hurts now. I still have lots of homework that I have to do online today also, I just want to close my eyes and let them rest. Hopefully I can soon!

  3. i wish i could help but mine are so very small when i get them that they just go away on their own, so i really don't have any secret remedy to share. i really hope your eye gets better soon. just rest and maybe try chamomile tea bags and squeeze a few drops of the tea in your eye. that might help?

  4. Awhhhh, I hope that annoying thing goes away! Blah! I hate when stuff like that comes!


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