Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As you all know, I had med/surg clinicals today. I hated them, again. My hate for med/surg was stronger today then it has been. My patient was fine, I didn't really get to do anything new today. I got to flush her saline lock, I got to watch her IV being changed to a saline lock. My patient had a total knee replacement, she was very independent. She refused AM care so I literally had nothing to do for a long time.

Some days I really wonder what I am doing with nursing, I am just waiting for some specialty area to come and hit me in the face telling me that was what I was made for! I hate med/surg. Every time it is worse than the time before, I feel like med-surg isn't fast paced enough but I know that is wrong. I only take care of one patient right now! Something about that floor just isn't the fun and exciting that I need, I could see myself on that floor maybe years down the road but right now {after school}, I think I want to be somewhere where all the "stuff" happens. I know half the day we spent down in the ER was fun, and I am excited about going back there. The more I think about L&D I get excited also, I always said I would NEVER work in L&D, but I think that I might change my mind!

I am trying not to get to down about med/surg. I know some people love it, and it really isn't a bad floor. I have just found it to be a bad experience for me that last few times. I am sure it doesn't help any that I get 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I am so tired the day of clinicals. I will be taking tylenol pm next week.


  1. Med/surg does sort of...suck, but it is a really good foundation and place to learn time management. When you are a nurse you will take on a 5-6 patient assignment so it will be busy. During nursing school though, it sucks because unless you have a good preceptor, you can't do a damn thing.

  2. Last semester our teachers were like get in there, you can do this! Today was really laid back she picked the easiest patients for us on the whole floor I think. Having more than 5 patients would be busy, and a lot of people have said something about needing to learn better time management,I haven't had a problem yet but I bet it would be interesting juggling 5 patients! haha

    What unit/floor do you work in?

  3. I work in a med/surg ICU. Before that, I worked on a cardiothoracic surgery stepdown. At night on a med/surg...you may even have 7 patients, but it would keep you awake. I say just ask to do stuff as an CNA and the nurses that see you are willing will show you more. I had the NA listen to lung sounds and she is only in her 2nd semester of her BSN program. I swear the NA route is the best way to learn.


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