Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This blizzard that we have had in OK has been awesome to us. I have been out of school for three days counting tomorrow and my husband has been off work for two days so far! It isn't going to be good for our bank account, but so what. I have loved spending time with him! It has been amazing and so much fun, it is JUST what I needed to get through. This deployment has had me depressed but I know he is doing it for a good reason and I don't doubt for one second that we won't kick this deployment in the butt, we will make it and we will do an awesome job at it. I am sure going to miss him annoying me all the time though;) He is truly my best friend, and I am so excited that I can say that. So many women I know gripe about their men all day long.

Well to catch y'all up about me, I am officially unemployed, I quit my job yesterday. My boss put me on Saturdays and Sundays without my permission, I told him I couldn't work both days and I wouldn't since my husband was deploying, I need time to spend with him before he leaves. He told me he would just take me off the schedule for good, and you know what? I am happy with that. I am no longer working as a CNA {might I add, being a CNA is the hardest job I have EVER had}. As soon as hubby deploys I am going to start applying at the hospital I do clinicals at, I am hoping to get an ER nurse tech position. I am interested in working ER, so I am hoping it helps me get some experience and I can see what ER is like.

We filed our taxes today and boy did we get screwed compared to last year. Last year we got over 4 grand back. This year we got 500 from federal and we owe like 200 to state! I am pretty upset cause that is the money that was going to support us while husband is in-between paychecks! Oh well, I guess its my fault. The lady told me I only paid $1.00 in to state and 0.46 in to federal! I filled out my own w-4 and had it to where I was married and claiming 0, that way they would take out the max taxes each check. I am guessing whoever entered it into the computer messed up. I never thought to look to see how much taxes where being withheld during the year! WHOOPS! I guess you learn as you go, I am young and I will make mistakes! I will know better this year when I find a job!

Whew, this is a long post! If you made it through congrats! Well, hubby is playing xbox right now and so I better get busy on some homework I have been assigned through email. It seems as if we are being punished because of our snow days! They have sure handed out the homework like it is going out of style!

Talk to y'all later next time, and I promise I will catch up on reading blogs asap!


  1. Awww, so sorry to hear about your job. It sounds like you are better off though! I say definitely try to be an ER tech! I did that before I graduated and I learned so much!!

  2. I am better off, that job was so stressful just working one day a week. They never give report and I never knew what changed with the residents.
    I am hoping to get a job as a ER tech, I think I will enjoy it so much!

  3. The emergency department is the best ;)

  4. working in ER sounds like it could be a ton of fun. i keep thinking that i need to get a job that's related to nursing to get the experience since i've never done anything like it. but i'm happy with my current job which is sitting by the computer all day. and i've heard that CNA's are totally underpaid for the hard work they do. like you said, you prob. are better off finding another job. change is always good. :)


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