Monday, February 28, 2011

Deployment 2011

Where to begin.....
Hubby has started the first part of his journey for the deployment. He is headed to his training base. He will train for a few months then head to "somewhere" in Afghanistan sometime in the summer. Today was hard, they say it gets easier and I sort of believe it now. I remember in 2008 after leave when he walked through the terminal to get on the plane. Now that day was hard. My heart literally shattered in to a million pieces that day, or so I think. Today was nothing like that, I went with him {of course I had to cause my car needs new tires immediately in order to not have a blow out, so we drove his truck}, I waited for him while they issued him a weapon. While waiting, his friend Sargent C asked how I was doing. He then told me he couldn't wait to get back from Afghanistan because by the time he gets back his daughter was going to be walking. That tore my heart up. I feel so sorry for people that leave children behind and miss out on so much. When hubby came back with his weapon I told him I better go. He walked me out to the truck, we kissed, we hugged {for a long time, we kissed again. He wiped away a few of my tears, told me he would see me later. I then got in the truck and left. I of course had to call my mom because I did start crying a little harder once he was out of my sight. It was a sad cry but I wasn't hysterical, if that makes sense. I had it together. We have known since July, and some days I repeated it over and over to myself. "Hubby is getting deployed,hubby is getting deployed,hubby is getting deployed. {Okay, you get the picture}I feel like I had enough time to "mentally" prepare. 
My mirror is dirty.
This was me on our last night.

We were getting ready to head to the armory
drop him off.

I will love this man for ever.
He makes my heart melt,
if you read this baby
I am here waiting on you!

God Speed!
Pray for the 45th infantry brigade 
of Oklahoma.


  1. I will keep you & your hubby in my thoughts & prayers!

  2. completely praying for him and you! That is a hard day to go through, but I think you did good!

  3. Thanks so much y'all! I appreciate it!

  4. (Hugs) Thinking of you and your hubby!!!

  5. Thinking of ya! Hopefully it flies by and nursing school is a distraction!

  6. praying for the both of you. hang in there ♥ and yes, I agree, nursing school will be a great distraction!

  7. I have several friends in the 45th. Praying for all of them!!


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