Monday, February 21, 2011

I PASSED! {Edit}

This post is not meant to brag. I passed, I barely passed but I still passed.
I feel tons better after taking that test, it was hard and it was heavy on the nutrition part for renal disorders. Weird.
I passed barely, but I am very happy because over half of our class didn't do to hot on it.
Our teacher for this unit is very old, and she is NOT a good teacher anymore, it is hard to follow her.
Wednesday we start a new unit {pulmonary}, with a different {better} teacher!

I just looked online at my grades and I ended up with an 85%. I don't know if I got in to big of a rush this morning when grading, or if they gave us a few questions cause they felt they weren't fair.
Whatever it was oh well. I am super excited and I studied my tush off for this!


  1. Congratulations - Glad all your hard work paid off!

  2. Yay lady! I knew you could do it, and had absolutely no doubt about it! I told you so! And it's ok to brag I think I do it all the time when I do good on test because it's just so exciting! You're awesome! Tomorrow we practice injecting on oranges... did you guys practice on fruit or actually on each other?


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