Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nursing Books Galore

I just entered my first give-away! 
The give away is tomorrow though!
 I tried to look at it a few days ago but it wasn't loading right and I just got back around the computer! I am pretty excited about the giveaway! So excited I might pee if I win. 
See, I keep EVERY single book that has to do with my major(nursing).
 I plan on keeping them all even after I graduate,to put in a home office that I hope to have. I plan on going further, getting my BSN, then becoming a nurse practitioner or a CRNA. 
Anyways, I bet you want to know who is doing this awesome giveaway and what the giveaway is?!
Head over and give Julie@When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground a visit to check out this give-away. Tomorrow is the last day though! Sorry, I would have posted sooner if I hadn't had problems viewing it.

These little nifty books are awesome, she doesn't need them anymore and she is giving them away to spare them from the trash can! These books are over 40.00 on, this is a steal!


  1. These books are awesome. I have the med notes and the med/surg notes ones. I carry them around with me at clinical. good references.

  2. Those four entries helped because you won! E-mail me your information!


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