Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Picture Day

Since I am snowed in and cannot possibly look at another piece of homework for even a tenth of a second, I have decided to upload some random pictures. Some are old, some are newer.

Us counter protesting at a funeral of an American Soldier, The Westboro Baptist Church{CULT} is under the big tree to the right of the church steeple. If you haven't heard of the Westboro Baptist Church click here to read about them.  You can also read more about the protest here. Britney @ These Talking Walls and I met up at the protest. 

The snow in my yard today. Don't mind the can of corn, there were stray dogs digging in my trash and hubby failed to pick up that one can. lol

The artwork on the school wall, where my niece attends. 

Me showing off, and my pug is being a creep.
Jan 2011
I lost ten pounds so I was flaunting it, trust me I have gained it ALL back I am sure!

I love bulldogs ♥

Me picking up sea shells at Corpus Christie last year. 

My pretty Pit Bull

Haha. Old Cheerleading picture.
2006? I believe. 

Leave from Iraq.
Summer of 2008

Riding in my friends Old School Cadillac, haha.

Hubby at the lake.

Me and my grandpa.
He had Lougherig's Disease.
I miss him and love him. ♥

Snow man my hubby made

Me and my brother in law and our huge snowman.

Last winter.

Our first trip to the zoo as a couple.


  1. You're pretty :)
    I love how you have short hair like me!

  2. aww thanks!
    I have always had short hair, I am trying to let it grow out some so I will have a cute pony tail when I become a nurse! lol

  3. Ughhhhh the first picture? I HATE THOSE PEOPLE.

    Heh. I don't even want to get started...but kudos for counter-protesting.

  4. I hate them too, but what I love about the picture is you can't even see them at all! There are so many flags, signs, and bikers in the way! It was a very awesome day, they ended up leaving an hour before the funeral started and they left on two flat tires, no one in town would sell them any tires, they had to call AAA! :)


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