Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big D and OPSEC

Deployment is right around the corner, lets just say there are just a few pages left in my planner till the big day comes. I am so not looking forward till it, but I must say that he will be training for awhile before he actually leaves the states. I hope I didn't break OPSEC here. Anyways, we are accomplishing our pre-deployment goals slowly but surely. Today we bought a new door knob for our front door, our old one was a piece. We also got the Power of Attorney paperwork notarized, and we discussed what type of life saving measurements he wants "if" something is to happen to him. I feel like we are accomplishing things. We are able to talk about the important stuff that bothers so many, I would rather talk about stuff and have it out in the open before he goes. We know what we might be facing.
I have also decided today that I really really want to move. My husband being the smart $$$ saver that he is won't allow me to though since his mom owns this house and we live here rent free,my husband always jokes and says if you live with your parents long enough they will eventually move out!  So now that I am not moving I am going to have to buy a dog kennel to keep my dogs in while I am away during school and clinicals, cause God knows how bad 3 dogs would destroy a house in 12 hours!
Not my house, but this is what it would look like after my dogs got a hold of it for twelve hours!

Oh I found some good OPSEC poster dilly-whoopers! I liked them and I will pass them on to you!
Kind of rude,but I find the profanity funny.

My hubby loves Chuck Norris jokes!


  1. It's obviously important to be out in the open about those life topics. Heck, I repeatedly tell fiance "you better not let that happen to me" and I am not in a dangerous situation! I guess when you are in the medical profession you see it so much that you really know the importance so you can push the fear of talking aside.

  2. I am glad that we are able to be open, so many other people try to ignore the possibility of something bad happening to them.

  3. It really is such a mature step that y'all talked about the "what-ifs." That's hard to do, but necessary for everyone!!


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