Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nursing School=HELL

First day back was well. Until we were handed a 300+ vocab list for this unit, they said have fun making flash cards! Just great, last semester we were given the definitions which was so nice and easy. Now we have to waste more time looking up words. On our dosage exams we have to make a 90% in order to pass and we have 1 retake. This means..I better start figuring IV calculations ASAP!
I am just very overwhelmed at the moment. There is so much to do in so little time! I probably won't be blogging very much anymore, but I will try to update at least weekly! Blogging has helped me relieve a lot of stress.

This is exactly how I feel right about now! 
I guess I am going to get to those vocabulary words so I can get some done! Talk to y'all later! I will miss y'all!


  1. 90% wow your school is nice!! We have to pass with a 100% and only get 2 re-takes or we fail the course.

    Nursing school sucks, I agree.

    PS, IV Calculations are simpler than they seem. :) Just keep practicing over and over and over. Kaplan is giving away free e-books until the 17th, they have a math for nurses title that is good practice with a bunch of practice problems.


  2. Ha! 100% is crazy. I've got the math pretty good but we are starting IV calc. tomorrow. Each semester our grade has to get higher, by the last semester we have to make a 100% on the first time with no retakes. One of our teachers in a ARNP and she is getting strict this semester! I am worried, I have have been on my vocabulary for an hour now and haven't made a dent. I am thinking that the vocabulary is pointless to even attempt looking them all up and typing the definitions of them.

    About the Kaplan books, I tried to download them but I couldn't figure it out! I will try again here shortly after I watch Grey's!

  3. Wow, I have all kinds of mistakes in the comment:) Looking up definitions has made my brain {mush}!

  4. Good luck on all the studying! You can do it!

  5. What kind of ereader do you have? I have a Kindle so I just downloaded it straight from Amazon. You can get the program for Kindle on your computer, it's a free program and DL it free that way, at least you'll have it on your desk top.

    We did IV Calculations last semester, it's much easier that it sounds. I was terrified!! But, I managed.

    Which Med/Surg are you in?


    Here's the link. :)

  7. You can do it!! It'll be over before you know it!!

  8. OMG.... This is what I have to look forward to? KILL.ME.NOW.! :[ That is going to be killer. But you've come this far- keep it up! You can do it Kayla! xoxo

  9. Sarah-I don't have an e-reader but I have an app on my iphone that I can download it to,I will try doing the kindle thing also. I will try again cause I really would like the book. I am no math genius but calculations aren't to hard!

    Megan-Thanks! It seems like I have years to go!

    Krystal-Nursing school is hard, but it has its' fun times also! I wouldn't stop now for a million dollars, I just like complaining! It helps me deal;)

  10. Sarah-On the Kaplan website do you have to enter to win the $100 itunes card? I can't go anywhere to download it.

  11. I entered my info before I downloaded it, then it took me to the place to download. I'm sure they just want your info to try and sell you things... LOL. But, it's worth the free books. I must have downloaded over $100 of books for FREE! Totally worth it.

  12. i just took my dosage exam test yesterday and got a 92% and we have to pass with a 95%. thank goodness i have 2 more tries. i was pissed though because i missed the very last 3 questions.
    i haven't gotten a vocab list but we did get a sheet of approved and unapproved abbreviations that we have to memorize like you know BRP, PRN, NKDA...etc. yeah i'm going to mix them up i just know it.

  13. 92% out of having to have a 95% is good! You will get it!:) Just take your time and try to remember the formula! Also if they are asking for tsp's just remember that a tsp=5mL. Our school tries to catch us off guard and they will ask for teaspoons, it kind of tricks me sometimes.

    You will get the abbreviations also! I have faith in you! I don't know what BRP means but I am guessing something with Respirations? Probably a bad guess. The vocab is kicking my butt some, I always get them confused, and there is so many of them!

  14. hahaha BRP= bathroom privileges. it's ok. i'm cheating right now cause i've got my sheet in front of me. yeah i'm going to attempt the exam after work. i hope i pass this time. those abbrev. are def. going to confuse us. ah the joys of nursing school...


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