Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 6 & 7

Day 6- A stranger
I don't really understand this. Here goes anyways. When I first started college I worked at a gas station. One night there was an older smelly man that had horrible hygiene that came in and paid for his gas. He left his wallet on the counter and left. I didn't know who the man was or where he lived so I pulled his ID out of his wallet and started looking in the phone book for his number. I came across a number that I thought might be his and I called, there was no answer so I left a voice mail. I put the wallet in the counter drawer and left a note for the day shift ladies. The next day when I returned to work my boss handed me $40 and told me that it was from the man who left the wallet. I felt so guilty that I had judged him, he didn't know me at all and he just left $40 for me because I returned his wallet! I thought it was crazy, he impacted me very much and to this day I try to think before I judge and give people a chance.

Day 7- Your EX bf/gf/love/crush
Ha, this is funny cause my husband is actually my ex. We broke up on and off till we finally decided that we were supposed to be together. We hit a pretty rough patch in our relationship during his 07-08 deployment. When he got leave we met up and have been together ever since! We have been together since July 4th, 2008 without any breakups:) Now we are married and have no choice but to make it work! I love him so much and  we have both grown up to be pretty good people!


  1. What a sweet man, to leave you a reward! Doing the right thing always pays off!

  2. that is an amazing story. and i'm guilty of judging people by their looks as well. that was so sweet of him to leave you $40 bucks. lesson learned right? ;)

    i'm glad that you guys made it work and you will continue to make it work for as long as you love each other.

    hope your first day of school went well!


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