Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 2-My Crush

Saying I have a "crush" feels a little juvenile, but here goes anyways. I have more than one.
My husband is of course my number one {#1} crush! He is just so cute,gorgeous,amazing, and silly wrapped in one person! He gives me the butterflies still and he is totally Sexy in my opinion!
#2 Dr.Sheppard off of Grey's Anatomy. Oh my goodness is all I can say about him...
#3 Dr.Sloan Mmmm Mmmm good:)  & He is a plastic surgeon?!

   Sorry I am so late, I had a pretty awesome day hanging out with the hubby before he went to work. Then I headed over to my nieces house and played her and the rest of the family in some Horseopoly. She is obsessed with horses so she begged me to play with her, of course I whooped everyone! I ended up making the bank go bankrupt! Then I went on a date with my sis-in-law. It was catfish night at one of the local restaurants! I love that place, and its cheap!
   Well, off I go to spend more time with my silly husband. We are going to watch some more episodes of Weeds. Our newest addiction.


  1. LOVE weeds!!!! One of my favorite shows.

  2. I am right there with ya with Dr Shepard, but Sloan???? Maybe it's the personality that ruins it for me, he's just so... pompous! LOL.

  3. Just Another MilSpouse-Sloan is cocky and I think I might find that attractive. But mostly its his eyes! lol

    Sarah-We love Weeds now also! We just started watching it on Netflix, we started with season one and now were on two! I can't wait to catch up!


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