Friday, January 14, 2011

Less Stress/IV Calculations

By less stress, I mean....LESS STRESS!
I went to school today and they handed us a 8 page worksheet on IV calculations and what not, we even learned the drop factor. I have successfully completed the paper and I am confident that I know what I am doing! It wasn't what I made it out to be at all! I am crazy for thinking IV Calc's. were going to be the death of me!

I do have one minor question though to any RN's/RN Students out there...feel free to answer cause I need your help to make sure I got it right!
The order is Kefzol 500 mg in 50 cc of D5W. Administer med over 20 min. What rate will you set the pump?
I did (50cc/20 min)(60min)=150 mL/hr

Please,Please tell me I am correct?! That is the only one I had to think twice about because since it is under one hour I had to multiply by 60.

I am so happy, I am out of school Monday so I have a 3 day weekend! Now if only I can spend it wisely. Today I spent about 4-6 hours on homework and studying alone. I am now ahead, but I still have more I could do! I really do feel accomplished though! My hubby is almost off work so I am going to wrap this thing up and spend some time with him! Have an awesome night blogging buddies:)


  1. Looks correct. Hate to say it but my gtt calculations are rusty. Had to calculate a vasopressor gtt today too...keep pricing so you don't get rusty like me!

  2. Thanks Julie! I am so excited, I have never been good at math and I have a hard time remembering the formulas but I got this right off the bat!

  3. Yay Megan! I have got this, our test is Thursday so I am going to keep practicing to make sure I don't forget. Now I have to go back and remember my conversions, I think I just memorized them long enough for the test last semester! All I can remember is 1 tbsp=3 tsp=15 mL. I can do it though!:)

    Ahh..this semester has started out on the right foot for sure!

  4. oh my gosh are we like learning the same stuff in the same days? hahaha! we just had to do this! but i got a 3 paged worksheet not 8 paged. conversions aren't that bad i think. but i doubt i could ever do them in my head.

  5. I can if the numbers are small enough and even! lol but I'd rather use my calculator! ha.


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