Thursday, January 27, 2011


Woke up this morning thinking today was the IV calculation exam. I was freaking out on the verge of having a breakdown cause I haven't looked over that stuff since last week. I called my friend asking what time we were taking it and getting all the details, well my friend saved my life and reminded me the test is tomorrow! So there is some hope, I can study and refresh tonight, then tomorrow I can make an A!

Not a whole lot has been going on except for school. I go to school, come home, then study. My life is boring and I am beginning to think I need to find time for some friends.

I start my Medical-Surgical clinicals next week, I am excited because we won't be in class everyday anymore! Whoo! I am also bummed because I hate Med-Surg with a firey passion. I just don't care for it and it's not my cup of tea, hopefully this semester is a lot better on the Med-Surg floor.

I guess it is back to studying for me, I need to read some in my awesome Med-Surg book, then go over the calcs. I also have laundry and dishes on top of all of that!

Whew, there are just not enough hours in the day!


  1. I was just reading your about me on here and we have a ton in common girl! I JUST turned 20, am in nursing school as well. and our boys are both in the Army National Guard! Very cool.
    Goodluck on your IV calc test tomorrow!!

  2. i agree. i haven't blogged as much because the only thing going on in my life is school. good luck on the exam tomorrow. i'm sure you will make that A. :)

  3. Katie, we have A LOT in common! I was reading your stuff the other day! I just got done studying and reviewing, I feel confident about tomorrows test! Thanks for the good luck! I will update about it tomorrow I am sure.

    Grace-it is hard updating about anything other than school and the upcoming deployment, it is the only thing going on in my life! EVER! lol

    Megan, I am soooo looking forward to them, instead of sitting in class 5 days a week I will be in class 3 days a week! Ha. I would rather be out working and learning hands on!

  4. nice! =) I hope that you also check my blog specially my first post. Thanks! =)

  5. what a feeling of relief to be able to have an extra day to study. You're doing great, I admire all the work you put in, you are constantly studying. I just don't get in as much as I need too. In fact, I'm currently 3 chapters behind in my reading yet I'm sitting here catching up on blogs, lol. BAD nursing student.

    So, what is it that you don't like about Med/Surg? I didn't enjoy my clinicals because I was at a small hospital; mostly MI's and COPD. Nothing too interesting.


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