Sunday, January 16, 2011

Days 8,9,10

So I have gotten really distracted and have not kept up with this daily like I should. School has officially gotten the best of me, speaking of school, my Davis Drug guide is waiting patiently for me to open it and learn some drugs! I am so ecstatic about that, I really don't like trying to remember the drugs, plus remembering that many comes with time. I can't possibly remember every little detail about one drug {hello, isn't that why there is a drug guide at every nurses station?} Wow, I got side tracked.
Back to the 30 day challenge thingy, that has become a pain in my butt somewhat.
Day 8-My favorite internet friend- This question is really hard for me, I even went through my FB friends. I know every single one of them some way, there are a few I haven't met though. Honestly, I love all my internet friends. Anyone who happened to stumble upon my blog and follow me. Y'all mean everything to me. I have a huge support team behind me floating around in cyber space;) 
Day 9-Someone you wish you could meet-I wish I could meet Reyna Lay over at Glamour Glory, click here to go to her fantabulous  blog! She has been a huge inspiration for me, because of her I have lost ten pounds and  I have received the motivation I need to workout and begin to turn my life around to be healthier. Go check out her page, she is such an awesome person!

Day 10-Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to- This would be my friend Hays that lives in WA. I have talked about her before. He husband went active when the recession hit OK very hard. There were no jobs to be found and he had a family to provide for. It was the best decision they could have made, and it turns out that he is thinking career Army now. They are going to do so much better in life now, getting out of OK to see the world is a huge dream of any Okie! If I could talk to Hay right now, I would tell her I loved her and I miss her like crazy. Can't wait to make a trip up there this summer, hopefully. {Keeping fingers crossed that I can somehow manage to find the time to take a week long trip there!} I would get emotional and cry, then she would laugh and tell me she loved me too. I miss you Hays. 
That is all for tonight, I am pooped tired and I like I mentioned above, I have a few drugs that I need to memorize before Tuesday. 
Goodnight y'all! {In a southern Okie voice}


  1. Have you taken Pharmacology yet? I got two books that were super helpful learning drugs. One way pharmacology made incredibly easy, and pharmacology DeMystified.

    I got an A in Pharm and I still don't know all the drugs... it's too many. WAY TOO MANY! LOL

  2. I didn't have to take it but I enrolled anyways cause I figured it would help me tremendously. Our nursing instructors expect us to know every small detail about the drugs. *sigh*
    I love the DeMystified books, I bought one when I took Microbiology. I will check into them, I need the extra help. We are using the Kee,Hayes Pharm. textbook and I really like the book, the study guide book has worksheets to practice on. It helps alot.
    Thanks Sarah!

  3. Good Luck! Pharm is a beast! It's evil. It was the bane of my existence last semester.

  4. Oh no!!!:( This makes me sad...

  5. i'm taking pharmacology right now and i don't think i'm ever going to memorize all the drugs, what they are for, and their effects... when my teacher mentions a certain drug i just draw a blank. i bought my drug guide the other day and it's so overwhelming! Bleh.

  6. I think memorization comes with time. I think the main thing to know for the NCLEX is what the drug is for and what to assess before and after giving the drug. I'm not sure sure I'm only in my second semester out of 4. I am going for my associates right now then switch colleges for my BSN.


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