Monday, January 10, 2011


I go back to school on Thursday and I hate to say it but I am dreading being back in the classroom. I have more to look forward to but we are starting RENAL as soon as we get back! I have heard sophomore nursing students say that test was the hardest one, and many of them failed it. This is why I dread going back. I have gotten so lazy over the break, the only thing I can force myself to do is workout. I hope school goes well but we have a new teacher this semester, so I am sure it is going to be a massive pain in the butt. Anyways, moving on. I am applying for a Nurse Tech, Externship at two different hospitals. If I get one, it means I am moving back in with my grandma and mom for 8 weeks. The thought of this makes me cringe, but at the same time I like the idea. I won't be so lonely over the summer. I cringe at the thought because more than a day or two together and we start fighting over stupid stuff. We are all loud and obnoxious women and when we all get together we practically scream when we are having a conversation. It will definitely make for an interesting summer. I have friends closer to there so that is a plus, but I will have to get internet there because my grandma and mom are still in the stone age and don't even own a computer! I don't understand how people still don't have computers. I wouldn't be able to function without one, much less do my school work. Everything is on the computer now days! Yikes!!

On to day 5 of the challenge.
Day 5-Your dream(s).

I was going over all of my dreams earlier, they are all grown-upy {don't laugh at my made up word!}, I wish I was a kid so I could give y'all something fun to read on this post. I have the normal dreams for an adult! Finish school, become an RN, go back and get my bachelors, then apply for Nurse Anethesist {CRNA} school. Possibly join the Air Force to go to CRNA school,buy a house after deployment, have kids {one day},live a long happy cancer free life! Well my dreams are far from exciting but I guess that is what happens when you have to grow up! 
What are some of your dreams?

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