Thursday, January 20, 2011



I am pretty excited, I wasn't to worried about it but still, I had to have at least a 90% and I made a 100%! Today was a pretty good day, we got our clinical schedule, I am fairly happy with mine. I have 6 Medical-Surgical days, 1 OR day, 1 Dialysis day, 1 Oncology day, 2 days at a head start to do the Denver Developmental thing, 1 Hospice day, and 1 Home Health day. This semester we are just doing everything it seems like and I don't feel like we are getting enough days in. I do know that our Medical-Surgical days are LONG days, we go from 0630-1630. This means I will have to wake up by 0430 and I won't be home till around 1800. Blah. Those days are going to be tiring.

Today I got out of school a little before three, and my husband works the evening shift at his job so as I was coming in to town he was leaving town. We passed each other and waved, I will be in bed before he gets home. It has been like this the entire week. I haven't been able to spend anytime with him, besides me waking him up early in the morning while I am getting ready so we can at least drink a cup of coffee together. I guess my schedule is forcing me to get used to him going away. I am okay with it now, but I really wish I had more time to spend with him while he is home. 

This weekend we are heading to the city for the Yellow Ribbon Ceremony, so we will have some alone time this weekend. I plan on going and watching a movie together and out to eat at a steak house:) Yum yum, I bet the hubby will love that! 

I am so sorry but I have to go, I have 3 chapters that I have to read out of my Med-Surge book


  1. Yay!!! Good job! I'm so not surprised you passed cause you're a smart hard working girl. I passed mine with 100% too second time around. 630- 1630? that's going to be a long and tiring day. that's insane! And hooray for your date with your husband this weekend. dates are super fun. well have fun reading your chapters.

  2. My husband and I do the "wave as we pass" thing too and I agree that it's hard when deployment is so soon. Congrats on passing your test!

  3. Grace-Thanks! I studied my butt off last night just to make sure I wouldn't get confused today! Yes, my clinical days are going to be very very long, but the other groups are going 10 total, 5 days and 5 evenings. I would hate that, at least i have 6 days and I will get them over with!:) I didn't get much reading done before "I rested my eyes for a two hour nap"! haha. I got a lot completed today, now if I can get my reading done!

    Dr.Army Wife-It is hard and I think it sucks! I wish we had the money for him to take off every once in a while so I could spend a lazy day with him! & thanks!

  4. So, I didn't think we were going to have a dosage exam this semester. This is our second to last and because they hadn't mentioned it I assumed we didn't have one.

    I was wrong.

    It was today.

    Thank goodness I got a 90% (passing). Most girls didn't pass. In fact only 1/4 of our class passed. Nobody studied; including me.


    Congrats to you too.

  5. Awesome job, Just Another MilSpouse!:) Once you got it down it is hard to forget if you are doing it regularly!


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